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How to start your own WordPress marketplace

The Matt Report is all about learning from other WordPress entrepreneurs and their respective business.

We’re not just listening to the journey of designers and developers — but also marketers, author’s, and today’s guest a marketplace founder. If you’re thinking of starting your own marketplace or just about to start selling your first plugin, you want to tune into Pippin Williamson.

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How to monetize a freemium product with Jason Coleman

Every business is faced with the question, “how are we going to make money?”

The web app world is no stranger to this question. A majority of startups go the freemium route. The model that offers a free or limited access level to a product, with an up sell to the paid premium accounts.

If you’re new to the WordPress entrepreneurial space you might be researching the success rate of this model. So today, I introduce you to Jason Coleman of Paid Membership Pro. He’s created one of the leading WordPress membership plugins with a freemium model to generate more interested leads to convert to paid.

Watch this interview and learn how Jason has taken charge with freemium!

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How to grow your web design practice

How do you land the $100k project? Watch this interview with Jose Caballer.

If you’re a freelancer, startup, or growing agency one thing you will always face is how to charge more for your work.

In today’s startup scene and rapidly growing WordPress ecosystem we hear how many of us are turning to a product business. No more trading time for money. No more client services and what color blue you should pick.

What if you didn’t have to stress when dealing with web design clients?

Nirvana you say?

In the latest episode of the MattReport I interview Jose Caballer founder of The Skool and The Groop to teach us how he started to land $100k+ projects.

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Start a niche business using WordPress

Are you ready to learn how to find a niche business?

One of the things I really want to do for MattReport.com is to seek out folks who use WordPress in their business that aren’t designers or developers. The average folks who actually use the software and not just live under the hood.  I want them to share their story or insight to help us improve WordPress and our own businesses.

John Nemo is such a person.

He’s a marketer and all around business guy that founded the Nemo Media Group. I invited John on to the show so he could share his unique angle with us.

Get your pen and paper ready — John’s about to school you on improving your bottom line!

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How to productize your WordPress service business

Last week I released the awesome 2 part interview with Andy Stratton.

Andy is a kick ass freelance WordPress entrepreneur who is setting out to revolutionize his business. He’s taking our boring service industry and flipping it upside down with a product called WPMaintainer.com .

In this BONUS episode, he’s taking us down the path of how he started WPMaintainer and gives us the juicy details on how it’s all put together.

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Andy Stratton WPMaintainer.com

Andy Stratton: The ferocious journey of a WordPress entrepreneur

What do you get when you combine a WordPress web show thirsty for entrepreneur knowledge and a guy who did a talk dressed in a crushed velvet robe topped with a captain’s hat?

Near 2 hours of awesome talk about running a WordPress business.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving it to you all in one sitting. I’ve split this recent interview into two parts with a bonus episode to follow.

Enough blabbering – let’s meet Andy Stratton. A WordPress developer turned founder of WPMaintainer.com; wearer of many hats, talents, and performances. Like many developers I’ve interviewed, he’s a self proclaimed introvert, but you would never know from this web show.

On to Andy and all his greatness!

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