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Ryan Sullivan on joining Southern Web

With the kick-off episode of Season 8, Matt Mederios interviews Ryan Sullivan about entrepreneurial fears and changes that occur in a business. Ryan recently sold WP Site Care, a maintenance business to Southern Web and wrote an article about this change. Matt is now working for Pagely. They each have an honest discussion of what happens to…

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S5B: E10: Garth Koyle and Darren Ethier – Event Smart

On today’s episode, Sam and Corey interview Darren Ethier and Garth Koyle the co-founders of Event Espresso and Event Smart. They discuss how to take your successful WordPress plugin and turn it into a SaaS. This is a lively technical discussion about spinning up a SaaS startup using the WordPress framework.

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How to start a WordPress theme business w/ Mike McAlister

With so many WordPress themes available on the market, it might sound crazy to even try and start a business selling your own. There are super-huge, multi-purpose themes selling $100k worth a week with option panels the size of their revenue charts, others with big passionate communities supporting them, and countless other shops just as…

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Pioneer of creative accounting, Jason Blumer

Creative accounting. Have you heard that phrase used before? I certainly didn’t until I met today’s guest, Jason Blumer. Jason runs a virtual accounting practice specifically designed for creative agencies and development firms. I love this business idea because it focuses on a specific vertical, with a specific customer type, translating to a better level…

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Getting started with Drip for WordPress

This week we find ourselves diving deeper into the Drip marketing service and exploring how to connect it to our WordPress websites. Last week I eluded to the idea that a lot of marketing tools and tactics fall victim to becoming fads. Unfortunately, many of the tools and web marketing strategies of today are perceived as quick fixes that…

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Managing the $50k web project

Enter part 4 of our web design series, Managing the Fifty-Thousand Dollar Web Project. The Matt Report Web Design Series Part 1: Discovery Process Part 2: Setting the budget & expectation  Part 3: Managing the $5 – $15k web project I’m stoked for this episode, not just because of the size budget we’re discussing, but because…

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