Episode 27: How to dominate in a niche WordPress business

These are the stories I love.

Folks who are honing in on one vertical industry and putting out a great product or service.

Angie Meeker of Angie Meeker Designs walks us through her journey of starting out in the WordPress world to finding a niche vertical business. If you’re all about focus and growing — don’t miss this episode!

Interview with Angie Meeker

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Finding your niche

A lot of us start out trying to grab as much business as we can. Who can blame us? We need to pay the bills and generate revenue.

There’s nothing wrong with it, you just have to be prepared to scale in some vertical. Some expertise that sets you apart from the rest. What can you do really really well? Great even.

This will be your value proposition in your market. Your edge to landing the deal.

What niche are you in? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


4 responses to “Episode 27: How to dominate in a niche WordPress business”

  1. Hi Angie
    Saw from your tweet that you are going with Genesis for 2013 – that’s my niche.
    I produce well written well presented reviews of Genesis child themes plus associated Genesis plugins.

    Your niche has to be something you have a passion about and I love Genesis.

  2. BAHAHAH! So to finish up. The verse I was getting to in my head (living my life by it), “2 For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. (1 Corinthians 2:2)

    As for work – I love something Jim Kukral says, “Winners get what they want – everyone else gets what they get.”

  3. Chip Chaunamom Avatar
    Chip Chaunamom

    Angie. Thanks for the interview. Thank you Matt as well. These video segments are so inspiring for someone like myself that is looking to make the leap into creating WordPress sites full time. I design for a large company at the moment and I’m so pumped up after watching these interviews that I just want to get up and go do this full time.

    1. Thanks Chip! Love to hear the feedback, it’s why I do this!

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