Demystifying the Marketing Automation Fad


What is it about today’s fad phrases that infuriate those of us exposed to this constant stream of marketing chatter?

Content marketing.

Growth hacking.


Marketing automation.

Surely THIS ONE will set to vaporize like a basketball size chunk of meteor falling into Earth’s atmosphere.

I get the feeling many genuine marketers shake their collective fists at these catchy —  yet marketable — phrases in distaste. Mainly because buzzwords get tossed around the boardroom as the “next best thing” hoping they could be applied as quickly as it takes to sign-up for it’s respective SaaS offering.

I’d like to spend some time discussing marketing automation as it relates to our favorite publishing platform and review some of the real-world examples my team and I have recently worked on.

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S2 E4: Catching up with Julep & Maps Builder Pro

Who knew that getting married and going on honeymoon would take up so much time?

Devin and I are back to recap where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished over the last month. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned? Business and life are going to constantly challenge you — sometimes at the same time.

Give yourself some breathing room and if you can avoid it, don’t jam-pack yourself with what can be avoided. If you can carve out some buffer time for the unexpected, you’ll be able to handle things that crop up a little bit easier.

Enjoy this episode and we’ll see you next time!

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Using a recruiter to hire a WordPress developer

spoils of war

I was recently contacted by a large recruiting service on behalf of a client in my area seeking to hire a WordPress developer.

As a boutique agency owner — the struggle is real.

I’ll attend most opportunities if I think it will progress my business and my portfolio. Once I knew the recruiter was okay with talking to an agency owner and not a solo developer, we scheduled the call.

Here are three critical points that an organization hiring a recruiter for WordPress development should consider:

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Using Facebook ads to grow a list. Announcing a new co-host.

I turned to Facebook ads this week in my quest to grow the Julep beta list to 100 subscribers.

If you’ve been following along, I’m actively developing a new plugin that will make your WordPress images a little more fun for readers. The plugin hit a bit of a snag these last 2 weeks, with a critical bug that is stopping me from shipping the first version.

I’m in a bit of a time crunch as I’m ramping up for my wedding at the end of the month and then off to honeymoon. I’m looking forward to getting this bug squashed and releasing it within the next week. Getting a workable version before I leave is an important goal for me so I can hit the ground running when I get back.

Currently I’m sitting at 87 beta subscribers which isn’t too far off from my short-term goal.

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How to select the right WordPress theme

How to select the right WordPress theme

This isn’t your typical how-to select a WordPress theme tutorial. Instead of comparing and contrasting features, we’re comparing and contrasting the expectations of a theme buyer and a theme seller.

This article should serve as a guide for buyers to understand where they should invest their money and for sellers to ease the pain points of selling themes in ruthless marketplace.

I’ve been selling themes for a while now, dating back to 2007, when I sold Drupal themes for the real estate market. Slocum Themes launched in late 2009 after I started my WordPress development shop, Slocum Studio.

Since then, we’ve been moderately successful with themes. The first year was abysmal, but as we’ve progressed, created new themes, and became more known in the WordPress space — it’s turned into a nice revenue stream for our overall business.

And that’s exactly how we (currently) look at our theme shop — as an add-on to the overall business. We’re not living off of theme sales, but we’re also not struggling to stay afloat just selling them. When it comes to marketing our themes, I take a very organic approach:

  • Content marketing
  • Podcasting
  • YouTube channel
  • Free distribution via

This nestles in nicely with our overall mission of being a client services company & a product company.

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Overcoming product launch fear & growing your list

We’re back with Season 2 Episode 2 documenting the launch of my latest product, Julep.

This week I’ve invited returning guest, Troy Dean of WP Elevation, to talk about the fears of launching a product. We also get into providing some advice for growing your e-mail list for a product launch.

Sit back, take a sip of your favorite summer cocktail and let’s get into the show!

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