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Matt Report is a place where I interview people making a living using WordPress.

Matt Medeiros

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Solo Founder Content Marketing

By Matt | October 29, 2020

Welcome back Brian Casel, for his 5th time appearing on the show! Maybe we’ll keep him away for at least another year — or until he launches another product. 🤫 Fun fact: Bootstrapped Web was the first time I was…

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Funding a WordPress podcast

By Matt | October 22, 2020

Monetizing “WordPress content” like a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel is tricky business. Results are rarely immediate for most creators, with the Google SERP odds being stacked against you. If you want to fast track it: You will…

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Matt’s honesty is refreshing in a space that’s rife with fluff. If you’re looking to learn great life lessons from an entrepreneur, especially in the world of WordPress, there isn’t a better option in the landscape.

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