Kronda Adair on the business of websites


When I wrote the blog post about WordPress *not* being easy for small business owners, Kronda reached out and said we should connect. I thought her material would be perfect for the show, and boy was I right. Kronda takes us down the path of servicing small business website needs and what it really takes to do it right.

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Fuck platforms; give me WordPress


There’s a war going on for our content. Major social platforms are driving us to publish our hard-earned content within their walls. This impacts businesses, brands, and our very freedoms. Today’s post is a 1,300 word rant. Enjoy.

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Pioneer of creative accounting, Jason Blumer

Jason Blumer

Creative accounting.

Have you heard that phrase used before? I certainly didn’t until I met today’s guest, Jason Blumer. Jason runs a virtual accounting practice specifically designed for creative agencies and development firms. I love this business idea because it focuses on a specific vertical, with a specific customer type, translating to a better level of service — something we can all learn from.

He wraps it all together nicely by producing a podcast called, The Businessology Show. A podcast I got hooked on quite some time ago. He speaks to his potential customer and provides value at the same time, it’s genius. He offers a wide-range of guests that have boutique agencies (like me), all the way to larger 40+ person shops, each producing their own unique product or service. I have no issues if you add his show right next to mine on your playlist!

We cover a TON in this (almost) hour-long podcast. From team building to the client sales process and everything in between. This has become one of my favorite conversations on the show, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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WordPress is not easy


WordPress isn’t easy. There, I said it.

I’m willing to bet if you’ve spent any time using the software, you probably feel the same way. Even if you’re a WordPress expert, using the software is not without frustration. As a consultant, what I find even more frustrating, is the difficulty I have in recommending WordPress to a lot of new-to-the-web users or users with strict goals to launch their new business online.

I’m mentoring an accelerator class and 90% of the students need to make their mark on the web. Sounds easy enough, but within a deluge of learning business legalese, accelerator students can’t come up for air to learn the best practices of WordPress too. Quite frankly, they shouldn’t have to.

In the end, there’s simply too many moving parts for the newcomer to comprehend.

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Running a WordPress training or blogging business

wordpress training and blogging

WordPress has allowed me to kickstart and foster my own career in the digital age and I’m betting it has for you too.

That’s the beauty of such a highly-adopted open source web publishing platform, there’s always a layer of service or support that the market needs. Sure it’s free, but we all know what that really means. Over the years, businesses and organizations have called upon the likes of freelancers and agencies to aide in extending WordPress to fit their unique requirements.

But what if you’re not a developer or a designer? Heck, what if you’re not even a traditional consultant, how would you launch your own WordPress career?

Today I’m joined by Bob Dunn who built a career off of training and educating around the WordPress ecosystem. I’m bullish on this space and if you’re looking to dive into the deep-end — this is the episode for you!

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