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How to start a WordPress theme business w/ Mike McAlister

With so many WordPress themes available on the market, it might sound crazy to even try and start a business selling your own. There are super-huge, multi-purpose themes selling $100k worth a week with option panels the size of their revenue charts, others with big passionate communities supporting them, and countless other shops just as successful in their own right. How can you compete?

What would make someone choose you over anyone else?

And that’s the rub, isn’t it? What makes you different? As you will find out in this episode with Mike McAlister of Array.is, that’s the key ingredient in today’s theme market. It’s not just your theme’s code, your support, or even your price point — give your customer a new reason to choose you over their never ending suite of choices.

If I haven’t scared you off by now, let’s dive into how to start a theme business.

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Jason Blumer
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Pioneer of creative accounting, Jason Blumer

Creative accounting.

Have you heard that phrase used before? I certainly didn’t until I met today’s guest, Jason Blumer. Jason runs a virtual accounting practice specifically designed for creative agencies and development firms. I love this business idea because it focuses on a specific vertical, with a specific customer type, translating to a better level of service — something we can all learn from.

He wraps it all together nicely by producing a podcast called, The Businessology Show. A podcast I got hooked on quite some time ago. He speaks to his potential customer and provides value at the same time, it’s genius. He offers a wide-range of guests that have boutique agencies (like me), all the way to larger 40+ person shops, each producing their own unique product or service. I have no issues if you add his show right next to mine on your playlist!

We cover a TON in this (almost) hour-long podcast. From team building to the client sales process and everything in between. This has become one of my favorite conversations on the show, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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