Episode 23: The rise of WordPress media

Have you noticed an increase in WordPress media lately?

Podcasts, YouTube channels, weekly newsletters, and recently a 24 hour live marathon are all on the rise.

It’s why I produce this podcast and why many others are starting to turn the camera and mic to WordPress. My latest guest runs a very popular WordPress podcast called Your Website Engineer.

Meet Dustin Hartzler!

Interview with Your Website Engineer Dustin Hartzler

Watch on YouTube


How producing WordPress media can help you

A lot of my guests talk about marketing strategies, SEO tactics, and creating your own marketplace.

Dustin found his niche in producing a helpful WordPress podcast after he was fielding a lot of the same questions from clients. Much like how I started Matt Report — I was getting a lot of “How do I do X in my WordPress business?”

What do you think about WordPress media? Do you watch any WordPress shows or podcasts other than Dustin and I?

Have you thought about creating your own?

Let us know in the comments!



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