Episode 22: Improving your WordPress craft

We hear it in blogging all the time. Find a niche and you will find your market.

Meet Thomas Griffin author of Soliloquy a powerful responsive WordPress slider. In this interview we discuss what it’s like to start off small and continue to refine to find the success you’re looking for.

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Interview with Thomas Griffin

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The power of one

A slider seems pretty basic right? A couple of images rotating across the screen — no big deal.

But when you’re building a plugin for the world’s most popular web publishing software, especially in an ecosystem of free, the business is tough.

Thomas takes us down his journey of starting the business, finding focus, refining product, and marketing to WordPress users.

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2 responses to “Episode 22: Improving your WordPress craft”

  1. You should’ve asked him “Why he didn’t he have his dog go to obedience school?”

  2. I think themes and ‘most’ plugins are priced correctly, considering you are not selling one-off’s – it is a product, a digital product that if you were to make for a ‘entrepreneur’ you would have sold for 10x+ less $ than most themers and plugin developers earn within the 1st 6mths! Keep things realistic people! It’s about selling a product to bloggers in the most part who mostly do all this as a hobby or side-project to their online money making. WP is an open-source platform, so keep with the tide guys… I see $199 plugins sometimes and think – who would buy that? same as themes being used a few times over… and the RIGHT price is what is making the product successful let’s not forget 😉 (Web Designer & Coder @code_collective)

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