If the Devil is in the details, then Stephanie’s middle name is evil

WordPress is an amazing platform when it enriches the publishing power of a business or an individual.

It’s even better when it empowers an entrepreneur to find a niche market and build a real business. This is exactly what Stephanie Schechter is doing with the popular software. She’s fusing her experience with industrial design and graphic design to produce awesome WordPress solutions.

I love the story and the entrepreneurial drive Stephanie possesses and I’m sure you will too.

Interview with Stephanie Schechter

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Fusing Industrial Design with Web Design

Stephanie’s roots are in industrial design and we chat about how that relates to a better product.

If the Devil is in the details, then Stephanie’s middle name is evil.

We’ll talk about refining your product or service offering and how it equates to finding better more informed clients. If you’re looking to grow your portfolio and your bottom line – do not sacrifice your talent.

The most real interview to date

I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with many WordPress entrepreneurs and get them to reveal what it’s like to run their business. Things like monetizing your plugins to increasing your freelance rates.

However, my talk with Stephanie was a bit different.

WordPress is not the core offering of her practice. She’s focused on consulting startups  to grow the potential of their brand. Her and her team leverage WordPress as one of the tools to help them succeed.

It gets even more real when we start talking about some of the fears of running a startup and how to overcome them.

I think you will really find a connection with Stephanie and her story. Let me know in the comments below!


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