Episode 21: What it’s like to work at Automattic

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Automattic?

Not sure what or who Automattic is?

Meet my guest Erick Hitter as he introduces us to the life of an Automattician. Parent commercial company behind WordPress software and one of the largest virtual working companies on the planet.

Episode 21: Interview with Erick Hitter

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Becoming an Automattician

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be on the team of the most sought after virtual workforce? Especially the team that is one of the main driving forces of WordPress.

If you’re a freelancer or someone starting out with WordPress — you’re going to want to listen in on this interview. Erick and I talk about all the fun stuff at his job, how he got there, and how WordPress continues to evolve.

Erick also takes us down his journey of the early days of coding, working at large WP shops, to now finding himself at the home of WordPress.

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2 responses to “Episode 21: What it’s like to work at Automattic”

  1. The interviews are excellent!

    Hearing their experiences has really shaped my own thinking as I’m keen to make my way out of a freelancing “dollars for hours” model, as the end product always feels compromised by a lack of time.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ben! Really appreciate your feedback. Good luck with everything you’re doing!

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