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Pricing WordPress projects

The art of pricing your WordPress freelance projects is forever in motion.

I guess that’s why it’s an art, you spend months crafting a new pitch or approach, and when seasons change, you start from a new blank canvas. Continuously unearthing new ways to position yourself and your projects to the right set of customers.

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Creating products that empower users

Five years ago we launched Conductor plugin, our very first commercial WordPress plugin, and one that (in my opinion) was too far ahead of its time. We were creating an alternative to the (then) clumsy page builder space, with an altruistic flare for “doing things the WordPress way.” Something that became more of a hindrance than a boon, as you can imagine.

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What does it feel like to sell your decade-old business? Cory Miller explains.

In this episode, Matt Medeiros interviews  Cory Miller from iThemes and jokes with him as being his most interviewed guest on the Matt Report. The big news for 2018 is that Cory’s business (IThemes) was recently purchased by Liquidweb. Matt and Cory talk about the climate around WordPress, how they are working for different hosting companies, and what the future holds for Cory and his team with Liquidweb. Cory remains the general manager for iThemes, a business that he created over ten years ago with  WordPress themes, Backup Buddy, iThemes security and iTheme sync.


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