Why a SaaS model might be better than selling a plugin

What happens when your plugin business outgrows itself?

What about if the WordPress plugin model turns your business into a commodity?

Learn how Travis Ketchum the founder of Contest Domination built his product as a plugin and then transitioned to a traditional SaaS model.

If you’re looking to scale your WordPress business or grow revenue outside of the standard theme & plugin business — this interview is for you!

Interview with Travis Ketchum founder of Contest Domination

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Matt Report
Matt Report
Why a SaaS model might be better than selling a plugin

“I knew my plugin would become a commodity”

Travis recognized that his contest plugin could be copied and turned into a commodity really fast if it stayed in the repo.

His transition to SaaS isn’t leaving WordPress behind however. He’s still building for WordPress and enhancing the product so it does work flawlessly with our favorite CMS.

Travis says he sees a melding of WordPress plugins and SaaS solutions becoming more and more popular in the ecosystem.

If you’re looking to scale your business do not miss this episode!

Some of my favorite quotes from this interview:

“The code I got was absolutely unusable”

“I knew my plugin would become a commodity”

“Use the best developers and designers money could buy”

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