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  • How to build an amazing product

    How to build an amazing product

    Corey is no stranger to building product. In part one, we chatted about his legacy of products, and selling his WordPress plugin. Today, we’ll be back chatting about what goes into making great products. Important links Corey on Twitter Gelform Mexican Train Online Where will the WordPress middleclass go? Check out the NEW stuff from […]

  • Artificial Intelligence for WordPress

    Artificial Intelligence for WordPress

    Hey listener, before we get started, if you’d like to support WordPress community member Andrey Savchenko or anyone else currently in the Ukraine, please donate here or here. (read his original tweet I can comfortably admit that I didn’t see Artificial Intelligence as the next big thing for WordPress in 2022. The march to […]

  • The state of email marketing in 2022

    The state of email marketing in 2022

    If you found your way to this episode from my newsletter, thanks for taking part in one of the areas I lack most in: emailing my list. If you’re like me, stuck in a proverbial hamster wheel of self-doubt & content creation, today’s episode is for you. In fact, if it weren’t for today’s guests, […]

  • What freelancers should know about WordPress

    What freelancers should know about WordPress

    The house that WordPress built…or will build. It can be challenging for new WordPress freelancers to get started in this industry. You have to find the right tools, the right customers, get paid and…actually build the websites! Is there a right path to take? Meet Terry Carter, Manager at Newfold Digital WordPress Live & Blue […]

  • Paying WordPress contributors

    Paying WordPress contributors

    Welcome back to the Matt Report, where we continue our special 2-part series with Josepha Haden Chomposy. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, I suggest you go back and learn what the WordPress Executive Director does on a day to to day basis. Today, we’ll be exploring some meatier topics that come up […]

  • Business of WordPress news w/ Rae Morey

    Business of WordPress news w/ Rae Morey

    WordPress news is hard. I mean, it’s hard to turn it into a real business. I get away with covering WordPress here on the Matt Report because our guests share lessons on how they built their business or spend time telling us how they navigated the community, until they found their way. But news? Well, […]