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Watching a $4,000 launch day fade away

In part 3 of my journey into digital product sales, I share the experiences of launching Conductor to $4,000 in sales on day one, only to watch it slowly plateau and fall short to bigger trends in the market.

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Statamic a WordPress alternative by Jack McDade

It’s undeniable that agency owners and consultants have started to look at alternative WordPress CMS software solutions over the last two years. From talking to people here on the podcast to seeing consultants change business offerings after years in business, I can’t help but feel it’s healthy to know your options.

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Content & podcast creator Jeff Large

I normally ignore cold outreach requests to be on my show. I’ve written about being a great podcast guest, recorded a video about it, and ranted on the topic before. Coincidently, here was Jeff Large reaching out to be on my show right around the time I published the rant video. Boy was he in…

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