Episode 25: Growth hacks for WordPress freelancers w/ Aaron Holbrook

Looking for ways to find more clients, land bigger projects, grow a network of trusted peers and increase revenue?

I sit down with Aaron Holbrook of A7 Web Design to discuss how he’s doing just that and more.  Aaron shares his unique story and how it has unfolded into building his virtual agency.

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Interview with Aaron Holbrook of A7 Web Design

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How is your brand perceived?

Here’s what I found interesting when talking to Aaron — I mentioned I loved his site and it made his agency feel bigger than just one person.

He laughed and said that wasn’t the plan. In fact, he wants to convey quite the opposite. He wants to be the face of the company. The familiar voice on the phone supporting the client or in the e-mail drafting the first proposal.

It made me think, are we losing leads by presenting a brand persona that’s out of reach for some? “I don’t have the budget for these guys.”, they might say?

Or is this exactly what quality work should be doing? Finding clients with bigger budgets and bigger projects.

I would love to hear your side of the story!

Side note: What was up with my hair in this episode?! Ha!


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