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Startup Platform Episode 1

Startup Platform Episode 1

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Looking to work up a sweat optimizing your next WordPress website launch this summer?

Of course you are!

In this premier of The Startup Platform, we cover the major building blocks of launching a successful web project from bottom to top. Kristin and I take you through this fast paced boot camp of goal setting, content planning, and measuring results.

Look for more of these free sessions in the future and drop your requests in the comments!

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how to optimize your blog images

How to optimize your blog images

Speeding up your WordPress blog is super important and almost a no-brainer in today’s SEO world.

One of the biggest culprits weighing us down are the featured images we use to showcase our content. It’s important to pick a great photo that lures the reader in. Great photos sometimes come with a cost in bytes or Megabytes in today’s example.

Normally I reserve Friday Edition lessons (great for us weekend WordPress warriors) to the Pro members, but it’s on the house today.

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4 Content marketing tips for startups

During a pre-sale call for my consulting service, a client asked me if I did content marketing “campaigns.”

Now there are PPC campaigns, impression campaigns, and even some podcasting could be looked at as a campaign — but not your overall content marketing.

Here’s why: If you’re looking at content creation as as this thing you “do” and not an expression of yourself or the company, the passion isn’t there and you’re just flipping switches. Content has to be compelling, informative and most of all authentic. You can’t just bust out a stencil and trace the lines to create your blog post — if you did everyone would be pumping out the same thing.

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3 Useful Blogging Articles to Enjoy on Columbus Day

Looking for some light reading on Columbus Day? Here is a recap on some of the Blogging 101 tips from the last month. If you’re a Web Professional or part-time blogger you may benefit from these 3 fundamental articles.


How long does SEO take to work?

A quick case study of how fast your SEO can turn around with little effort.

Don’t Force Your Content

A post that discusses the drawback on posting content based on volume. Discover a more committed audience through passionate blog posts.

What’s your timeline for drafting featured posts?

A behind the scenes look into developing featured content for your blog or website.

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Thinking for the Weekend: Google Instant

I find it fitting that my first “Thinking for the Weekend” article is being written on my iPhone at one of my favorite Sushi bars.

Google Instant is creating quite a stir with SEO professionals and Web Professionals alike. Many people are wondering how their google ads will perform now that Google is predicting user searches before they finish.

I’m concerned too and I’ll be thinking about it over the weekend. Looking for the dust to settle on Monday and begin a plan of attack.

What are your thoughts?

Read more about Google Instant here.

Update: typos using the wordpress iPhone app.

I’m near celebrity status and apparently a Swedish trading post?

Consider this a “prequel post” to my endeavor of relaunching my blog. This little snippet of information is some insight into good Search Engine Optimization practices, the importance of maintaining your website, and sharing a similar name with a celebrity. While reconfiguring my Google Webmaster account I discovered that the keyword “matthew m” ranks 3rd in Google search results. Interested to see what I was up against, I googled away.


Sure enough, Matthew McConaughey takes the top spot, with MatthewM.org coming in a cool third. I’ll take it! I also share the same name of a CEO at a top technology company and have mistakenly received his personal e-mails before. Such is life when you carry the torch of a familiar name.

What I also found interesting were the keywords that Google crawled in my old website. As discussed in a previous post, I recently moved from Drupal to WordPress. I fully admit, I did the one thing us Web Professionals constantly remind clients – I didn’t keep my site updated.

Drupal, in my professional opinion, is not for a personal blog. Scratch that. It’s not for a personal blog if you have ZERO time to keep the Drupal modules and core updated. Thus, my old site was plagued with spam and comments in other languages. Obviously, a tremendous hit on my SEO and search rankings.

So what have we learned? Use Google Webmaster tools to learn great information about your site and keep your CMS (or web code) updated. On the bright side, I’m still 3rd place to major celebrity Matthew McConaughey!