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Startup Platform Episode 1

Looking to work up a sweat optimizing your next WordPress website launch this summer? Of course you are! In this premier of The Startup Platform, we cover the major building blocks of launching a successful web project from bottom to top. Kristin and I take you through this fast paced boot camp of goal setting, content planning, and…

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How to optimize your blog images

how to optimize your blog images

Speeding up your WordPress blog is super important and almost a no-brainer in today’s SEO world. One of the biggest culprits weighing us down are the featured images we use to showcase our content. It’s important to pick a great photo that lures the reader in. Great photos sometimes come with a cost in bytes…

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4 Content marketing tips for startups

During a pre-sale call for my consulting service, a client asked me if I did content marketing “campaigns.” Now there are PPC campaigns, impression campaigns, and even some podcasting could be looked at as a campaign — but not your overall content marketing. Here’s why: If you’re looking at content creation as as this thing you…

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3 Useful Blogging Articles to Enjoy on Columbus Day

Looking for some light reading on Columbus Day? Here is a recap on some of the Blogging 101 tips from the last month. If you’re a Web Professional or part-time blogger you may benefit from these 3 fundamental articles. <!–more–> How long does SEO take to work? A quick case study of how fast your…

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