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Stop chasing products w/ Peter Kang

In this episode, Matt Mederios interviews Peter Kang, the partner, and co-founder of Barrel. The Barrel agency has been in business in NYC for about 10 years and works on a diverse range of projects, from helping startups get their businesses up and running to implementing large-scale digital solutions for corporate clients.

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S5B: E8 Bryce Adams

On today’s episode, Corry Maass and Sam Brodie are interviewing Bryce Adams. Bryce is the creator of  Metorik. Bryce had been running the largest WooCommerce store for Automattic and became increasingly frustrated with the lack of reporting that was available. During the evenings and weekends, Bryce spent his time building WooCommerce extensions, WordPress plugins, and small SaaS products. The simple Metorik app was built to address the frustration around reporting needs for a WooCommerce store. Bryce’s passion has always been around the metrics for WooCommerce stores. That was the start of Metorik.

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Getting started with Drip for WordPress

This week we find ourselves diving deeper into the Drip marketing service and exploring how to connect it to our WordPress websites.

Last week I eluded to the idea that a lot of marketing tools and tactics fall victim to becoming fads. Unfortunately, many of the tools and web marketing strategies of today are perceived as quick fixes that can be mastered in short time, with little focus.

Not the case. Lucky for you, this article, along with a series of follow-up posts, will break that barrier and give you a taste of marketing automation mastery.

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