Startup Platform Episode 1

Looking to work up a sweat optimizing your next WordPress website launch this summer?

Of course you are!

In this premier of The Startup Platform, we cover the major building blocks of launching a successful web project from bottom to top. Kristin and I take you through this fast paced boot camp of goal setting, content planning, and measuring results.

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The Startup Platform Episode 1

Download the audio version

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Find all of the resources mentioned here:

Read more on Kristin’s blog post here.


  • We prepped listeners with the top questions and strategies to think about before even choosing your platform or writing the first word
  • We discussed just HOW important it is to align copy, design and development, and what comes first
  • Matt explained how to define your audience and how that translates to your website design and layout, as well as copy
  • Next, we explained how to prioritize different aspects of your website
  • Because there are SO many website platforms to choose from, Matt explained why you should (or shouldn’t) choose WordPress
  • I then dove into how to plan for and write the most important pieces of your web copy, including headlines
  • Matt explained why the fold is DEAD
  • We then wrapped up the intensive bootcamp with details on testing and iterating on your design, layout and copy


[slideshare id=35799430&doc=thestartupplatform-webinarslides-140612104011-phpapp02]

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6 responses to “Startup Platform Episode 1”

  1. “Matt explained why the fold is DEAD”
    Here’s a fun article related to “The Fold”

  2. Dave Bell Avatar
    Dave Bell

    I am really enjoying this episode. Good to know I am not the only one who experiences “Theme hell” 🙂

  3. Excellent episode Matt, back to the drawing board to hone my offer more

  4. Hey Matt, this is a really awesome episode. I’ve been listening while working, I’m about to rewind and listen again. I’m working on a complete rebuild of my site and rebranding of my services, a lot of this stuff really hit the mark. The parts about headlines were super interesting. Thanks to you and Kristin!

    1. Zoinks – not that it matters too much, but I posted from the wrong account above.

  5. Hey Matt, could you put up the slides to this podcast to this site again, at present the slideshow isn´t there. Cheers, Joern

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