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Pioneer of creative accounting, Jason Blumer

Pioneer of creative accounting, Jason Blumer

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Creative accounting.

Have you heard that phrase used before? I certainly didn’t until I met today’s guest, Jason Blumer. Jason runs a virtual accounting practice specifically designed for creative agencies and development firms. I love this business idea because it focuses on a specific vertical, with a specific customer type, translating to a better level of service — something we can all learn from.

He wraps it all together nicely by producing a podcast called, The Businessology Show. A podcast I got hooked on quite some time ago. He speaks to his potential customer and provides value at the same time, it’s genius. He offers a wide-range of guests that have boutique agencies (like me), all the way to larger 40+ person shops, each producing their own unique product or service. I have no issues if you add his show right next to mine on your playlist!

We cover a TON in this (almost) hour-long podcast. From team building to the client sales process and everything in between. This has become one of my favorite conversations on the show, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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The 6 P’s to Building an Engaged Audience

Building an audience is quickly becoming the #1 way to market yourself or your services.

When I hear developers say, “I stopped selling xyz product because I couldn’t market it.” I wonder if they ever gave themselves a chance to cultivate an engaged audience first. Lot’s of them feel “weird” about marketing and they shouldn’t.

I don’t want to be THAT gal hocking my wares. I don’t want to be THAT guy plugging my services.

Why not? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

If you don’t ask, you will never get the sale.

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how to optimize your blog images

How to optimize your blog images

Speeding up your WordPress blog is super important and almost a no-brainer in today’s SEO world.

One of the biggest culprits weighing us down are the featured images we use to showcase our content. It’s important to pick a great photo that lures the reader in. Great photos sometimes come with a cost in bytes or Megabytes in today’s example.

Normally I reserve Friday Edition lessons (great for us weekend WordPress warriors) to the Pro members, but it’s on the house today.

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Kill your (inner) critic

We’re jumping into 2014 with a fresh start and dropping all that nasty baggage.

Except for you or them, the critic. You know who she is — she’s the internal voice. The critic that follows us around wherever we go. It doesn’t like the choices we make or the direction we’re heading in. Creeping around the corner at every pivot of our business or design mockup we spend hours putting together.

Soon, the critic starts to convince us they are right. We want to give up — what’s the point right?

  • They’re right, I’ll never make this work.
  • This is too hard, I should just go back to the couch.
  • Ugh, this sucks!

Kill the (inner) critic.

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Blog small or go home

And just like that, it’s day 2 of your blogging daily new year’s resolution.

What were your first two posts about? Were they epic and attractive to a swath of your Twitter followers? I want to help kickstart the promise you just made to yourself and your audience with a bit of advice:

Blog small and confident or go home.

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My 3 keywords for 2014

If you’re like me, it’s hard to sum up all of the little things you’re striving for in the new year.

It’s all the same rhetoric to us:

  • Lose weight
  • Save money
  • Have “me” time
  • Be more organized

I’ve always tried to approach every challenge, task, or situation from a 30-thousand foot view to find the big hot spots to go after first.

Where can I start to make a big impact before tweaking every little nut and bolt under the hood? New Year resolutions are no different and thanks to my pal Chris Brogan, I’ve got a little 3 keyword strategy to use.

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