Blog small or go home

And just like that, it’s day 2 of your blogging daily new year’s resolution.

What were your first two posts about? Were they epic and attractive to a swath of your Twitter followers? I want to help kickstart the promise you just made to yourself and your audience with a bit of advice:

Blog small and confident or go home.

Making an impact

As you stare up at the Mount Kilimanjaro that is daily blogging, I want you to realize it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. I remember back to my days in elementary school and how my fingers hurt from writing on that grayish paper with all the dotted lines. Practicing cursive and writing short stories for my teachers until my hands cramped up.

I hated it.

I wasn’t good at it and it all felt forced — because really, it was.

I’m sure the English elitists will tell you that today’s blogger is a hack. Much like any other profession where some newcomer hits the scene only to cut corners or not use the “proper” process. But you know, who cares?

“Oh my God you edited core?!?!” Comes to mind.

So here’s that jolt I was referring to:

You don’t need 1,000 words to leave an impact

Speak softly, and carry a big stick – Theodore Roosevelt

Blogging small.

We were taught that writing pages upon pages was the right thing to do. It’s probably why the word blogging strikes fear into freshman bloggers and especially our customer. Why did I have to write a 30 page report which could be summed up in 2? Do all 1,000 words leave an impact, or was it just the major headlines as you scanned?

Compact blog posts with powerful and actionable advice will be critical to your content marketing.

Hater’s gonna hate — prove them wrong

For my buddy Tom
For my buddy Tom

Confidence > all.

Are you worried about your conversational tone in each post? Maybe you’re ducking from the grammar police.

“I’m told that proper content marketing on average contains 837 words, an infographic, and will get shared 12.7 times a day.”, you might be saying to yourself.

Blah dee blah blah.

I want you to produce content you’re proud of — 200 words or 2,000, graphics or no graphics. Leave an impact on us, not on your daily routine.

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6 responses to “Blog small or go home”

  1. Great advice, and not just for blogging. The only thing that will change overnight is the date. Habits are built one small task at a time. keep on keepin’ on!

    1. Bingo! Thanks for stopping by Dane.

  2. Love the picture, and the most even more.

    300 words can do a lot. Aim for something because out of all the stuff we spout daily, something’s gotta be of value.

    Why not blog it?


  3. I’m fairly certain Tom has that print framed above his bed. Right next to his ‘Costanza on a Couch’.
    But don’t quote me on it.

  4. Joan Boluda Avatar
    Joan Boluda

    Great post, Matt! Very inspiring!

    Blogging daily is my new year’s resolution too. But my challenge is harder, because I’ll blog in english, although I’m spanish (from Barcelona). I’ll blog over on a daily basis just to improve my english. 🙂

    Keep in touch!

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