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Kill your (inner) critic

We’re jumping into 2014 with a fresh start and dropping all that nasty baggage. Except for you or them, the critic. You know who she is — she’s the internal voice. The critic that follows us around wherever we go. It doesn’t like the choices we make or the direction we’re heading in. Creeping around the corner at…

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What to do with your business in 2014

This is a thought about what to do with your business, not what to do in it. With the new year fast approaching, you might be starting to think about the goals you’d like to achieve. We’re going to look at cutting the fat from the business and why that’s important to your health — for the business…

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Become a mentor

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to give thanks to folks near and far. For the last 5 years I’ve been volunteering as a mentor for my local community college. Recently, I was a guest speaker to a 101 programming course and I talked about the importance of developing a brand/portfolio as…

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Listening to your gut could save your ass

For better or for worse, I make a lot of my decision based off of gut feeling. There are times when you’re making the wrong decision and you can feel it in your gut. You read all the facts, hypothesis, reviews, and hear all the feedback. Can you think back to when you should have listened to your…

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55 Actions you can’t afford to stop or start in 2012

You can’t afford: To stop… 1. Caring. 2. Innovating. 3. Focusing on delivery. 4. Understanding the real problems. 5. Producing quality work. 6. Shipping. 7. Listening. 8. Being passionate. 9. Working hard. 10. Failing. 11. Succeeding. 12. Networking. 13. Getting leaner. 14. Sharing. 15. Creating. 16. Thinking. 17. Talking. 18. Dominating. 19. Growing. 20. Teaching.…

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The Free Fall Of A Startup Entrepreneur

free fall as an entrepreneur

You know the dream where you’re free falling from the the sky? Your whole body weightless as gravity pushes you to the earth. A massive knot in your stomach wrenching in fear. Panic sets in as you scramble for the parachute. Grasping and tugging at your vest to find the right one. There is no…

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