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Start a niche business using WordPress

Are you ready to learn how to find a niche business?

One of the things I really want to do for MattReport.com is to seek out folks who use WordPress in their business that aren’t designers or developers. The average folks who actually use the software and not just live under the hood.  I want them to share their story or insight to help us improve WordPress and our own businesses.

John Nemo is such a person.

He’s a marketer and all around business guy that founded the Nemo Media Group. I invited John on to the show so he could share his unique angle with us.

Get your pen and paper ready — John’s about to school you on improving your bottom line!

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How to productize your WordPress service business

Last week I released the awesome 2 part interview with Andy Stratton.

Andy is a kick ass freelance WordPress entrepreneur who is setting out to revolutionize his business. He’s taking our boring service industry and flipping it upside down with a product called WPMaintainer.com .

In this BONUS episode, he’s taking us down the path of how he started WPMaintainer and gives us the juicy details on how it’s all put together.

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Launching a SaaS product using WordPress with Brian Casel

Making money while you sleep is awesome. Making money while you sleep using WordPress is even better.

Meet Brian Casel of CasJam Media.

In episode #3 of The Matt Report, Brian and I discuss the life of a freelancer transitioning into a solo entrepreneur with a software as a service product. Brian built his product Restaurant Engine on WordPress. It’s a place for small business eateries to come and start an affordable website.

Continue to the interview to get all the great details of his journey.

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Web Designer’s Guide to WordPress: How this developer became a noted WordPress author.

Watch this interview to learn how Jesse Friedman went from newbie WordPress developer to noted WordPress author of The Web Designers Guide to WordPress (aff. link) in just 5 years.

Also, we talk about doing WordPress the right way, the WordPress community, and how you can get involved and accelerate your career.

Stick around to the end and learn how you can win a WP Engine hosting account FREE for the rest of your life.

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