Launching a SaaS product using WordPress with Brian Casel

Making money while you sleep is awesome. Making money while you sleep using WordPress is even better.

Meet Brian Casel of CasJam Media.

In episode #3 of The Matt Report, Brian and I discuss the life of a freelancer transitioning into a solo entrepreneur with a software as a service product. Brian built his product Restaurant Engine on WordPress. It’s a place for small business eateries to come and start an affordable website.

Continue to the interview to get all the great details of his journey.

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What you’re going to get from this

This was an amazing episode that went a bit longer than I expected.

But that’s OK because you’re going to benefit from it.

We talked about his journey from WordPress designer, virtual studio manager, to product designer for his new venture. The journey that he took to get there was found by satisfying his own itch in our industry.

He found a need within his own client set, built a product, and now caters to them with an affordable valuable solution. Tons of great take aways from this.

Struggling with supporting your own client base?

Just when I thought supporting clients with a SaaS prodcut was going to be the number one issue — it wasn’t.

Brian shares some great insights on how he supports his clients and how he actually enjoys doing it. He looks at support as a great feedback mechanism to help mature and expand on product offerings. He also shares some of the tools and tactics he uses to connect with users online.

How do you find customers online?

The million dollar question.

Brian and I will discuss some of the methods he uses to attract more customers. We also talk about how efforts need to be made offline in today’s noisy social media driven web. Looking for that right client? It might take more than a tweet or wall post.

I’m still trucking on

Lots of things still cooking for The Matt Report.

I’m only 3 episodes in and I hope you’re all enjoying it. I still need to improve as a host and I plan on it. Would love to know what you think in the comments below!


4 responses to “Launching a SaaS product using WordPress with Brian Casel”

  1. A Michael Bloom Avatar
    A Michael Bloom

    Matt, thank you for
    an awesome interview.  I really enjoyed
    how Brian shared his journey so authentically while providing very useful
    information.  Keep yourself trucking on!  The second half of this interview really
    rocked with your questions and depth of dialogue.  Thanks to both of you for putting yourselves
    out there and sharing.

  2. Hey, Matt. Do you have mp3 downloads?

    1. Not yet 🙁 

      I plan on taking my first 10 interviews and pulling MP3 out and getting them on iTunes/Stitcher. At the very least, pull the audio and have a player. 

  3. you are doing a great job Matt

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