How to monetize a freemium product with Jason Coleman

Every business is faced with the question, “how are we going to make money?”

The web app world is no stranger to this question. A majority of startups go the freemium route. The model that offers a free or limited access level to a product, with an up sell to the paid premium accounts.

If you’re new to the WordPress entrepreneurial space you might be researching the success rate of this model. So today, I introduce you to Jason Coleman of Paid Membership Pro. He’s created one of the leading WordPress membership plugins with a freemium model to generate more interested leads to convert to paid.

Watch this interview and learn how Jason has taken charge with freemium!

Interview with Jason Coleman of Paid Membership Pro

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The freemium model for WordPress plugins

What do you think of Jason’s model of going freemium?

Here’s what it all boils down to: support.

Folks are really paying you for support of the plugin or theme you’re providing. Even if it’s a service you’re offering, there are plenty of other competitors to turn to. My pal Andy talked about the value of customer service in this interview. 

So if you look at capturing more downloads (read: leads) of your plugin or theme perhaps freemium is the way to go? If the end user needs help, they can pay you for that support moving forward. Jason also has a paid install “white glove” option.

I really like the concept of white glove. It says, “here’s a chunk of cash, go install your product, I need to move on to something else.” This is smart, especially if you’re another designer, developer, or consultant. You’re charging the client for a service and if you’re still making money, what’s the big deal?

Plausible deniability. You turn someone like Jason into a vendor.

He supports it, he’s responsible. It’s the added bonus of saying you work with vendors. Making you sound cooler and bigger than you really are. 😉

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5 responses to “How to monetize a freemium product with Jason Coleman”

  1. It’s interesting listening to Jason, talk of the transition from making websites and consulting to marketing his own plug in. A bold move for a young guy, but a necessary risk if you truly want to move ahead. Another great interview!

  2. Ive seen developers take this approach alot more recently and even in games and apps where ‘micro-transactions’ are used to increase levels etc… All a similar ethos and if something works well, why change it.

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    […] At the time of this post a great example of the paid support revenue model is Paid Memberships Pro. If you want to hear why the founder chose this model more in-depth, just check out this podcast interview on […]

  5. I loved this podcast!
    I am in the same plate as you working as contractor for Accenture and developing my own plugin!

    I am interested to hear more numbers from other developers. For example conversion difference between Free Core Plugin + Paid Addons/Extensions and Free Lite Plugin + Paid Pro Version!


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