Start a niche business using WordPress

Are you ready to learn how to find a niche business?

One of the things I really want to do for is to seek out folks who use WordPress in their business that aren’t designers or developers. The average folks who actually use the software and not just live under the hood.  I want them to share their story or insight to help us improve WordPress and our own businesses.

John Nemo is such a person.

He’s a marketer and all around business guy that founded the Nemo Media Group. I invited John on to the show so he could share his unique angle with us.

Get your pen and paper ready — John’s about to school you on improving your bottom line!

John Nemo on building a niche business using WordPress as the platform

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Full disclosure, John is a client of mine.

More importantly, he’s a friend online. John and I crossed virtual paths a few years ago talking about inbound marketing and building business in general. When he needed WordPress help, he reached out to me.

Since then we’ve forged a strong working relationship that I hope lasts for years.

“So why do I care Matt?” you might be saying to yourself.

Here is why you should care…

Being human sells

John and I get into a great conversation about connecting with our clients on a real human level.

He tells this story about how we connected and his experience with using my firm. The take away from this is, you don’t always have to be selling.

I never sold to John, but he knew I did “things” with WordPress.

There’s a great part in the interview where John talks about sharing favorite sports moments with his clients. So you will see, it does not have to be 100% business 100% of time!

When you start your WordPress business, don’t have tunnel vision and expect to be talking like a robot 24/7. Enjoy what you do and take time to really connect with clients.

Finding that niche

I’ll be honest with you — it takes time.

A lot of people set out to research a niche and I think that can be a dangerous thing. Dangerous because you might find a niche for the sake of niche and have ZERO connection to that business.

If you’re not passionate about something or can’t find an angle to use what you’re currently good at, chances are it’s not going to pair up well.

John services the debt collection industry. How “fun” is that? It’s not and that’s the point!

He’s able to inject today’s tech and marketing tactics into an industry that is as old as the phone book.

What niche are you going after?

What do you think?

I want to know if I’m wasting my time…

Do you like stories from the “outsiders?” The non typical WordPress developer or designer who has a great story to share? Folks who can help us with our own business or give us insight about WordPress form the outside.

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2 responses to “Start a niche business using WordPress”

  1. kevinpascal Avatar

    Awesome Interview Matt. Wonderful advice from John Nemo. Thanks John.
    @M:disqus att: It would be very helpful if you can put links to the books, twitter etc below the video. They can be affiliate links as well just like Those are again very helpful videos.

    1. Kevin, 

      Thanks for stopping by to comment! I sure will moving forward — thanks!

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