How to productize your WordPress service business

Last week I released the awesome 2 part interview with Andy Stratton.

Andy is a kick ass freelance WordPress entrepreneur who is setting out to revolutionize his business. He’s taking our boring service industry and flipping it upside down with a product called .

In this BONUS episode, he’s taking us down the path of how he started WPMaintainer and gives us the juicy details on how it’s all put together.

Andy Stratton spills the beans on

Watch on YouTube here.

Listen to the audio version


The WordPress entrepreneur’s story

So what do you think about Andy’s business?

Where do you think WordPress is going as a market?

I get really excited when I meet entrepreneurs like Andy and listening to their story. The high’s and the low’s – the story behind their adventure.

Is your story similar? I would love to hear more in the comments.


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