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Don’t get screwed when landing the big client

Want to land the big client? What happens when they ask for a $1 million insurance policy?

Welcome to the big league.

My next guest is C.C. Chapman author of Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen. In this interview we talk about what it’s really like dealing with a big client and how you should be ready for the challenge. C.C. used WordPress for big brand projects and then later sold the agency in 2009. Let’s dive right in and listen to this great story!

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Building a WordPress business? Think twice about your next WordCamp.

Let’s cut to the chase.

WordCamp’s are great, but it’s a breeding ground for our competition. I know, I know — we’re all friends here. Just hear out my next guest.

John is a master marketer and business builder. He uses WordPress to write his blog which ultimately lead to publishing his book, Brand Against the Machine.

He joins us to talk about improving our business and ultimately our bottom line. If you’re someone who dosen’t want to come out of the basement from coding, don’t bother pressing on to this interview. If you’re ready to kick ass and take names later, potentially saying goodbye to your coding buddy at the next WC — hit play now!

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How to build a million dollar WordPress business

I don’t like to play favorites, but this has been one of the best interviews so far.

Cory Miller has built a massively successful WordPress business over at ithemes. In my eyes, he is the quintessential entrepreneur. He embodies talent, drive, and the desire to succeed.

If you want to learn how to get your business to the million dollar mark, strap in and get your notebook ready!

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How to start your own WordPress marketplace

The Matt Report is all about learning from other WordPress entrepreneurs and their respective business.

We’re not just listening to the journey of designers and developers — but also marketers, author’s, and today’s guest a marketplace founder. If you’re thinking of starting your own marketplace or just about to start selling your first plugin, you want to tune into Pippin Williamson.

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How to grow your web design practice

How do you land the $100k project? Watch this interview with Jose Caballer.

If you’re a freelancer, startup, or growing agency one thing you will always face is how to charge more for your work.

In today’s startup scene and rapidly growing WordPress ecosystem we hear how many of us are turning to a product business. No more trading time for money. No more client services and what color blue you should pick.

What if you didn’t have to stress when dealing with web design clients?

Nirvana you say?

In the latest episode of the MattReport I interview Jose Caballer founder of The Skool and The Groop to teach us how he started to land $100k+ projects.

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Launching a SaaS product using WordPress with Brian Casel

Making money while you sleep is awesome. Making money while you sleep using WordPress is even better.

Meet Brian Casel of CasJam Media.

In episode #3 of The Matt Report, Brian and I discuss the life of a freelancer transitioning into a solo entrepreneur with a software as a service product. Brian built his product Restaurant Engine on WordPress. It’s a place for small business eateries to come and start an affordable website.

Continue to the interview to get all the great details of his journey.

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