Episode 33: Blair Williams founder of Memberpress

Every now again you come across an entrepreneur who’s doing things a bit differently.

Meet Blair Williams founder of the WordPress membership plugin Memberpress.

Blair joins the program to talk about his many entrepreneurial ventures in the WordPress space including Affiliate Royale and Pretty Link Pro. Catch this episode to find out what it’s like pricing multiple products and growing your next WordPress business!

Blair Williams Interview

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Matt Report
Matt Report
Episode 33: Blair Williams founder of Memberpress

What I call ‘Full circle’

I like what Blair has done by making complimenting products.

It’s probably the marketing/business side of my brain that get’s all excited to see how we can connect the proverbial income dots. WordPress is a great platform to build a suite of plugins that work together for our customers — see Pippins interview about this.

Want more founder talk from membership plugins? Also see my interview with Paid Membership Pro founder Jason Coleman.

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  1. Matt, long time listener (reader?) First time caller. Love the blog. Can you tell me more about your mic setup? What equipment are you using for these great interviews?

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