Episode 51: A true WordPress entrepreneur

I can’t believe it took 51 episodes to get the guy who puts the hustle in being a WordPress entrepreneur.

Meet Syed Balkhi the man behind WPBeginner.com, one of the world’s largest free WordPress resources.

How does he manage this publication, monetize and build a team around it? He’s also spearheading a new SaaS app built on WordPress and managing two other web properties that he’s managed to monetize and become profitable with.

Tune in to find out the full story from a true WordPress entrepreneur!

Interview with Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.com

Listen to the audio version


The art of hustle

Syed shares some great insights for those of us looking to land that next opportunity.

“It’s not rocket science, just go out and do it.”

He once called Robert Scoble’s phone to talk about his WordPress site. Shocked that Robert actually picked up the phone, but it worked!

I’ve talked about not attending a WordCamp to find your next client and this rings true for Syed as well. Spend time where your clients are and not just networking for the sake of networking. Don’t be afraid to approach folks and be approachable at the same time.

The OptinMonster SaaS app & giveaway!

When we recorded this, his SaaS app OptinMonster was right around the corner.

We’ll talk about the benefits of running a SaaS service on WordPress and what that means to the bottom line.

The giveaway!

Leave a comment below about how using OptinMonster could benefit your business and we’ll chose a winner!

What you will win:

  • A free “Basic” version of OptinMonster good for your site, unlimited forms and 1-year of support.
  • My very own Minimize Pro theme great for powering your blog or next WordPress project.

Example: “If I had OptinMonster, I could capture leads for my __________ business!”

So what are you waiting for? Comment below and enjoy the show!


7 responses to “Episode 51: A true WordPress entrepreneur”

  1. Matt, thanks for the great episode with Syed and very informative. Looking at growing an agency and product around WordPress and love the podcast 🙂

    1. Glad it was useful Mike — good luck out there and stay tuned in 🙂

  2. If I had OptinMonster, I could capture leads for my freelance blogging business!

  3. Just listened to the show, great episode!

    If I had OptinMonster, I would use it as encouragement for my wife’s new blog – she would be motivated to keep blogging if she kept seeing new subscribers. Let’s make it happen Matt!

  4. If I had OptinMonster, I could capture leads for my small publishing business!

  5. If I had OptinMonster, I could capture clients both new and old to help push my business in the right direction.

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