Episode 46: The benefits of failure

What goes up must come down or in our case, what went down came back up?!

You be the judge in my latest interview with Brad Touesnard of Delicious Brains and WP Migrate Pro plugin.

Before Brad was helping you migrate WordPress databases, he had visions of bringing an app store like experience to WordPress. It’s what he described as a failure to which has brought him new sucess.

Perhaps the idea was too early for it’s time? You be the judge in Episode 46!

Interview with Brad Touesnard of WP Migrate Pro

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The journey of success and failure

Sound familiar?

That’s right, it’s the intro of the podcast.

Brad knows this all too well, but it’s something that has brought him on to new roads in the WordPress marketplace. Without the failure of his first product, he wouldn’t have made the pivot to his new widely popular product WP Migrate Pro.

Something new to my cache of interviewees? The angel funding and advisory role Carl Hancock of Gravity Forms along with Adii Pienaar of WooThemes play to the success of Delicious Brains.

We chat about how they got invovled and how that experience has shaped Brad’s role from developer to entrepreneur.

Methodical success

Our favorite part of the show is when we get into the nitty gritty and how-to of launching the product.

Brad shares his secrets for capturing leads, marketing and determining price. If you follow WordPress news, you know there’s a healthy debate going on about sustainable WordPress businesses and we’ll chat about that with our hero today.

Random fact, Brad spent hours on crafting an e-mail that was no longer than a couple of tweets put together. Learn why he did that and if it was worth it in this episode.

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