Episode 37: How FooPlugins co-founder lost $30k in revenue; Now earns double.

I invited Adam Warner on to the show to talk about his revenue at FooPlugins.

For this episode, I was looking for someone  who has grown their WordPress business to $60k in annual revenue.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was his story about losing $30k+ in his first business. Get your notepad and pen ready, there’s a ton of good advice here.

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Adam Warner Interview

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If you’re launching a product — do NOT miss this episode

Adam has an insane story to share with us.

The first story that came up — how he literally watched his first $30k in annual revenue crash and burn. A story of failure, but a lesson learned that set the stage for his success with FooPlugins.

After picking up the pieces of that journey, Adam takes us down the path of growing his new revenue stream and getting it to hit the $5k+ a month mark.

Key points we talk about for growing the new business:

  • Marketing
  • Reinvesting into the company
  • Cash flow
  • Setting up legal entities
  • Extra costs from 3rd party services
  • Tons more

Adam has visions of growing FooPlugins to a million dollar business and he shares some of that insight with us. This is an amazing episode and I’m so thankful for the honesty Adam shares here.

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3 responses to “Episode 37: How FooPlugins co-founder lost $30k in revenue; Now earns double.”

  1. Chris Wiegman Avatar
    Chris Wiegman

    Excellent interview Adam! Thanks for the plug!

  2. Really enjoyed this interview. Interesting to hear the story about the Warrior Forum launch and all the affiliate information involved in Adams business.

    I only discovered your site today Matt but I’ll definitely be back.

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