Episode 42: How BraveNewCode built a million dollar business from WPtouch

If you’re a premium WordPress shop or just running your own business, where do you set the bar?

My next guest has a relentless pursuit to create something awesome that his users will love.

But hey, that’s easy when you’re total revenue from a premium plugin exceeds $1 million in sales right?

Not so much.

Meet Dale Mugford co-founder of BraveNewCode the developers behind the WPtouch mobile plugin. We chat about launching the company, supporting customers and introducing  the new pricing structure of version 3.x.

This is going to be a fun ride so I hope you’re strapped in!

Interview with Dale Mugford of BraveNewCode

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The relentless pursuit of perfection

You might be familiar with that phrase from the Lexus brand.

When I listen to Dale’s story and hear the devotion he has to his product — that’s the first jingle that comes to my mind. Next would be an almost Apple-esque approach to finer details and packaging.

This is very apparent when you visit their newly designed website and watch their brand video. They are telling a story about the product and what it solves without focusing on WordPress — amazing.

If you’re going to be in the premium WordPress market, I’d say BraveNewCode sets the bar for brand experience.

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8 responses to “Episode 42: How BraveNewCode built a million dollar business from WPtouch”

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  2. This is an extremely valuable interview for anyone in the plugin business. It’s pretty exciting to see how successful a plugin shop can become, especially over the long term with the same product. Thanks for the interview Matt and thanks Dale for sharing a ton of detail about your business and where it’s headed.

  3. […] How BraveNewCode built a million dollar business from WPtouch (July 2013) – Co-founder Dale Mugford of BraveNewCode shares how his business exceeded $1 million in revenue since the premium plugin’s inception, the big differences between their free and pro versions, and the big changes coming to version 3.0. Great insight on the plugin business from someone who’s been doing it for quite a while. […]

  4. Great podcast – so many things I could completely relate to and agree with. One comment on pricing and success. Don’t apologize for the price of your plugin or the money you’re making. Cheers to your success and may it grow and grow. As web developers we gladly pay for premium plugins that save us countless hours and make our sites so effective for our clients. It’s a pittance to pay, really. This idea that everything should be free is ridiculous and furthermore the almost embarrassment of a profitable firm I don’t even understand. Profitable companies provide employment and useful products. Your success emboldens my own ambitions!

    1. Kelly glad you liked it! Dale was one of my fave’s to talk to. Real down to earth and genuine guy.

      1. Matt, I heard Dale speak at a roundtable at WordCamp Developer 2012 Toronto. He was every bit as personable as you describe him. I like the fact that despite how busy he is, he has made family a bigger priority.

  5. I’m not a real fan of the interview format, but this show is one of two exceptions that I do listen to regularly, so i say the direction is great, keep it up..

    1. Dane

      I’d love to know what you think I can do to improve the format. Appreciate the comment and listening!

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