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Making Money With Evernote And WordPress

There are a lot of How-to make money with WordPress articles. Most of them are focused around building a readership, offering up a paid digital download and sprinkling in some pay per click ads. Another route to take, is to become an affiliate reseller of a premium WordPress theme. This has proven to be a…

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Keep Your Online Presence Up (even when you’re down)

We all know how much time “staying in the loop” takes. If you’re like me, you have a daily routine that makes up your online presence. As Web Professionals, we know the importance of having all cylinders firing. Tweeting Reading new articles via RSS Updating Facebook accounts Commenting within your desired blogosphere Updating your own…

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5 Great Blog Posts I Didn't Write

number 5

I’ve been out sick for the last few days and have just recently been able to look at a screen for more than 5 minutes. Since I haven’t been able to put any great content together for you, here are 5 great articles I’ve read in the last week or so. I hope you enjoy!…

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Blogging 101: How long does SEO take to work?

Just how long does it normally take you to see your SEO results? I saw results in about a month. Remember this post? If not, let me give you a recap. A little more than 30 days ago, I got back into the game of blogging. Exiting from my stale and neglected Drupal blog and back…

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Blogging 101: Don’t Force Your Content

I’ve been blogging consistently for a little over a month now. It’s my first major effort aside from tweeting to followers or tracking and responding to certain Web Professional topics on Twitter. I’ve been trying to post at least 2 – 3 times a week. One “full blog post”, one “half blog post”, and a…

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