Making Money With Evernote And WordPress

There are a lot of How-to make money with WordPress articles. Most of them are focused around building a readership, offering up a paid digital download and sprinkling in some pay per click ads.

Another route to take, is to become an affiliate reseller of a premium WordPress theme. This has proven to be a very effective new route for bloggers to take. If visitors enjoy the framework and theme of a site – they can purchase the supported version of the theme and you can make a profit.

Now, you can add functionality to your WordPress blog and make money with Evernote.


Evernote is an awesome app that installs on virtually every platform. Windows and Mac are both supported along with access on the web. Mobile devices like the iPhone, Android and Blackberry all have supported apps.

If you’re forgetful like me, Evernote is the most important tool in your day to day activities. I use Evernote to remember virtually (no pun intended) everything that filters through me. Reading books, websites, snapping photos of things around my house, or leaving myself voice notes. It has become my “bucket” of all the information I need to reference at a later time.

You can organize your notes (or thoughts) into their own notebooks and tag them in any fashion you would like. These notebooks can be shared with other users of Evernote or even remotely published much like your WordPress blog.

One of my favorite uses of Evernote is when I’m reading books. I will use my iPhone to snap a photo of the book page and makes reference notes so I don’t forget a particular passage. With OCR technology, I can search my Evernote account for words that are in the picture from the book. A simply awesome feature!

Making Money With Evernote

Evernote has jumped into the affiliate game and now offers a program of their own. They launched the program in parallel with the Evernote Site Memory Button that allows webmasters to grant clipping access to visitors of their site. The button inserts an affiliate code within the link and follows the user to when they sign up. If said user upgrades to a Premium account (a mere $45 a year) the webmaster affiliate will earn $10 bucks!

This is a great new way for bloggers to earn a little extra dough along with other revenue streams.

WP Evernote Site Memory Plugin

My company, Slocum Design Studio, developed the WP Evernote Site Memory Plugin. The plugin takes the complications of adding the button manually to your WordPress theme. We have built in some exciting features that not only help your visitors, but also increase your customer retention and return visits:

* Stylish clipping buttons
* Custom Notebook name
* Which CSS ID to clip
* Header, Footer, and Signature for every clip

The ability to add in a signature and custom header/footer is another area of opportunity. With these custom fields, you can increase readership and returns with link backs. Further, you could also insert your own ads to your digital download product.

Users on their iPhones or iPads will be able to see the inline content you’ve placed in the clipped article.

With this flexibility, you can increase sales and ad revenue on top of the Evernote affiliate commission! Go to the plugin homepage.


There are a lot of ways to make money online and with blogging. I hope this article adds to your cache of revenue streams. More importantly, I hope you really start to use and enjoy Evernote!

If you do – clip this post or click my Evernote ad in the right hand column! Don’t forget to become a Premium user of Evernote – you won’t regret it.

edit: commission numbers were off


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