3 Amazing interviews with people who make a living using WordPress

I’ve started a new journey that I hope can help others.

I’m pivoting with MattReport. I’m going to build a web show based around interviewing folks who make a living using WordPress. They are designers, developers, marketers, SaaS leaders, and even small business owners that have a WordPress powered site.

If WordPress helps you earn a living in some way – I would love to chat with you.

So far it’s been an amazing experience. I interviewed three great people who are doing just that – earning a living around WordPress.

Let’s take a look at my first three guests and what they have taught us.

Jesse Friedman – @Professor

I had the honor to interview personal friend and colleague Jesse Friedman as my first guest.

This was a real in depth look at his journey as a freelance WordPress developer, starting a full time career, all the way to becoming a noted author.

Some great points we covered: 

  • Getting started with WordPress
  • Doing WordPress the right way
  • WordPress security
  • WordPress community

Curtis McHale  – @CurtisMchale

I loved this interview because Curtis tells it how it is.

He’s a seasoned WordPress freelancer and really understands how to balance life and earning a living. He’s worked at small firms and big agencies. He shares how he has increased his rates and the quality of his client over time.

Some great points we covered: 

  • Freelancing vs working for an agency
  • Finding the right clients and firing the bad clients
  • How to raise your rates
  • Using WordPress to build applications

Brian Casel – @CasJam

This. Interview. Rocked.

Really fun time with Brian Casel of CasJam media. We talked about how he runs a startup web app built using WordPress as the framework. We got to the ground level of what it’s like running that recurring revenue business and how you can do the same thing. This was a great episode that could have gone on for hours.

Some great points we covered: 

  • Make the move from freelance to running a product business
  • What it’s like to make money while you sleep
  • How to find clients on line
  • Supporting clients

What’s the one thing I can do better?

This is my main goal right now. (Aside from finding guests)

I want to know from you – what is the one thing I can do better? 

  • Better questions?
  • Better video?
  • Audio format?
  • Shorter time?
  • Better guests?
  • Quit altogether?

Please let me know in the comments below. If you have a moment share this post with your friends!


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