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S4 E5: Beka Rice from SkyVerge

By Matt | November 29, 2016

The word of the day is: Evolve. Beka Rice, WooCommerce Team Lead at SkyVerge, joins the Matt Report to discuss the makings of a modern day WordPress agency. SkyVerge is…

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7 Apps for the mobile blogger

By Matt | September 9, 2016

There was a time when you set off to the cabin, typewriter in tow, nothing but conquering writer’s block on your mind. Or at least, that’s how I envisioned the…

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Fuck platforms; give me WordPress

By Matt | April 8, 2016

There’s a war going on for our content. Major social platforms are driving us to publish our hard-earned content within their walls. This impacts businesses, brands, and our very freedoms. Today’s post is a 1,300 word rant. Enjoy.

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