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Creating information products w/ David Hayes of WPShout

Matt Medeiros is continuing with Season 6 by interviewing guests as he connects with them in the community. In this episode, Matt interviews David Hayes from WPShout, a premier source for WordPress learning. David along with his partner Fred Meyer also run an agency called PressUp. It is a boutique web consultancy that partners with businesses to create custom websites and interactive experiences. The two publish in-depth weekly WordPress tutorials, WPShout, as well as provide curated links to other cool stuff around the WordPress world. Matt and David share their experiences on how you balance the agency work and the marketing of your brand.

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How to disable Jetpack upsell ads

We live in a world of monetized Jetpack.

Gone are the days where commercialized plugins were looked at under a watchful microscope, and leadership at Automattic felt that charging for plugins was, well, plain wrong. Today we’re seeing Jetpack as the revenue bridge between .org and .com offerings — and a very big bridge at that.

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How to build an online community with Troy Dean

In this episode, Matt Medeiros interviews Troy Dean, the founder of WP Elevation and RockStar Empires. They touch on teaching entrepreneurs how to productize their businesses. Matt and Troy discuss the differences of WPElevation and RockStar Empires and the challenges of balancing two businesses.  They wrap up the conversation with a discussion of where WordPress is headed.

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