What freelancers should know about WordPress

The house that WordPress built…or will build.

It can be challenging for new WordPress freelancers to get started in this industry. You have to find the right tools, the right customers, get paid and…actually build the websites! Is there a right path to take?

Meet Terry Carter, Manager at Newfold Digital WordPress Live & Blue Sky teams. Terry is also a WordPress freelancer who kick started his side hustle after winning a web design contest at a previous company.

Terry joins us to share his experience with supporting WordPress & WooCommerce users at his day job, and what works for him as a part-time freelancer. We’ll learn how the market jumped pre-COVID, how things are adjusting, and where you can spot new opportunities coming into the market.

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One response to “What freelancers should know about WordPress”

  1. I really loved this episode. Terry had a lot of great insights. Thanks for bringing this podcast goodness to us.

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