Listening to your gut could save your ass

For better or for worse, I make a lot of my decision based off of gut feeling.

There are times when you’re making the wrong decision and you can feel it in your gut. You read all the facts, hypothesis, reviews, and hear all the feedback. Can you think back to when you should have listened to your gut? That voice inside that’s saying, “I told you so?”

Guiding your startup, business, or team based on feel is very agile – some would say dangerous? This could be for a new idea, business venture, partnership, or even to eat that extra slice of cake.

I think the gut feeling is important. Why?

There’s so much data and noise out there today that you will never make a decision or act if you’re analyzing all of it. Listening to your gut could save your ass.

Listen to your gut when…

  • New product or business venture
  • Working with a new partner or hiring someone
  • When you’re doing stuff that no one else is
  • When your faced with adversity
  • When things are going great
  • You need to make a decision now

The great thing about your gut is it gets you through change. When something happens that’s out of your control, your internal feeling can help guide you to the right decision.

Recently something change in my core business. It was unexpected and it will hinder me in the short term. However my gut feeling is telling me it’s going to motivate me to sharpen the focus and grow the business even more.

Start guiding by feeling more. Stop analyzing so much.

Right now my gut is telling me to get back to my blog more often. I think I’ll do that.


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