You Can’t Stand Yourself

We get it. You can’t stand yourself.

I consult with clients that tell me:

“I can’t video blog, I can’t stand to look at myself.”

“I can’t podcast, I hate my voice.”

“I can’t blog, I have nothing good to say.”

“I can’t do social media, no one cares about me.”

Sound like you? Sounds like me too.

We all think it and it’s about time we change that tune.

Turn Yourself Around In 3 Steps

When it comes to building your web business, it’s easier than you think. Let’s take a look at the 3 common roadblocks I find within clients.

If you’re not doing it, someone else will

In the game of life, no one waits for you, especially competition. Start shipping your product as soon as you can. If you’re not embarrassed by your first draft, product, or demonstration – you waited too long.

No one can ever give you criticism about an idea if it never leaves your notebook.

You know a lot more than you think

This is the one that really gets me the most.

You have a lot of knowledge. Years of it. Even if you’re just starting out with your new business, you went through experiences to get there. Use that knowledge to become a more human business person.

You could probably write an entire book on surviving the real estate crash. Possibly run an entire demonstration on making a pizza. Perhaps an hour long webinar on selling insurance.

Get it?

I don’t have what it takes

I think genius folks like us are cursed by “the big picture.”

We see an idea or are faced with a problem and can do nothing but think 75 steps down the road. This is great for planning, producing, and overall goal setting. This is terrible for getting off the ground.

I would love to be able to run into a room and start promoting, but then I start thinking who will be there, what will they say, what will I say, will they like it, so on and so forth.

This is something I like to call stupidly smart. I got the concept from this book, Made to Stick.

If we just ran with the first baby step in our new idea, things would start a lot quicker.

What Will You Do?

These ideas can probably translate to other areas in your life – not just your web business.

Will you start that blog now?

Maybe you will use social media more often to get your word out?

I would love to hear more of your success stories. Get at it and just don’t make it suck.

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5 responses to “You Can’t Stand Yourself”

  1. I actually just started to consider launching a podcast in the next month or so.  You gave me that extra push to go for it, great post! 

  2. I actually just started to consider launching a podcast in the next month or so.  You gave me that extra push to go for it, great post! 

    1. Glad you liked it and motivated you to get going on your new venture!

  3.  One thing to keep in mind: if you’re unhappy with the way you look, talk, sound, and do things – why will anyone else like you? Always remember that people will buy you at the price you set for yourself. If you say you’re not valuable, other people will believe you … and not buy.

  4. “A decision is the action an executive must take when he has information
    so incomplete that the answer does not suggest itself.” -Arthur William

    Part of it is taking action when your really don’t know if its going to work but at least trying. Really most of what we here from business clients are excuses or maybe fear of taking action. Forget the excuses as they say just do it.

    Good article!

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