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WordPress business Q&A with Diane Kinney

Wrapping up the gap season, I’ve invited Diane Kinney to host her very own Q&A on the show.

I met Diane a few years ago, after launching my now failed Matt Report Pro membership. We chatted at WordCamp Miami, and she shared some of her own opinions on how I could (have) made the membership a success. Looks like I should have taken her advice. Diane is proficient in project management, branding, and customer onboarding. It’s an honor to have her presence on the show today.

Now, we all have a chance to take the advice she shares today.

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Creating an online course

Have you been planning to launch that brandy new online course of yours? Who better than Carrie Dils, WordPress podcaster and Lynda trainer, to teach us the ins and outs of setting up your first course.

She’ll take us through the mindset of planning, all the way through production of our educational material. I’ve invited her to “takeover” my show, steering the audience to online course production success.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and can’t wait to be back in Season 4!

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6 Actionable steps to launching a product w/ Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

I love a good actionable story about how to grow your business, especially in the competitive SaaS space.

If you’ve been into digital products over the last few years, you may have heard of Nathan Barry, and his success in the e-book space. Surely not his only accolade over the years, but one where I first discovered his work. What attracted me was his attention to design and the details around it. Meaning, every piece of his product, brand, and funnel is expertly crafted. All the while, other internet marketers were lifting the same copy and landing page templates from each other.

It was that same effort which brought him to designing a rapidly growing e-mail automation platform called, ConvertKit. Book ending this show along side my last episode with Rob Walling of Drip, really helps us understand what it’s like to not only grow a SaaS business, but to grow a SaaS business in the e-mail marketing world.

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