How WordPress powers a financial media site w/ Evan Medeiros

It’s easy to overlook WordPress’ capability to expand in parallel with a growing online business.

From starting as a simple blog to grow awareness, all the way to fueling a digital e-commerce engine powered by WooCommerce. There’s a certain flexibility — almost luxury — business owners have when the first brick in their foundation starts with WordPress.

This flexibility doesn’t come without a cost, however. Keeping the infrastructure supported and optimized over the years isn’t something for the feint of heart. Even if you’re technical in nature, following the decisions made by all of the code touching your site can be a costly endeavor.

Today’s guest, Evan Medeiros founder of The Trade Risk a financial media company, has seen both sides of the equation.

He started blogging to grow an audience, used Paid Memberships Pro to start a membership, and now leverages WooCommerce to sell other digital downloads. We talk about this eight year journey of how he grew the business and how WordPress has held up during the flight.

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