Hecto.io: Helping newsletter creators monetize


Curiosity is what the nocode movement has reignited for me. When I think back to my days of using Drupal 5 with the powerful combination of CCK + Views modules, two things come to mind:

  1. Why the heck doesn’t WordPress do this natively yet, some tweny years later?!
  2. What are my opportunities with nodcode tools AND WordPress?

Powerful tools that create seemingly limitless opportunities are fascinating to not only me, but also for today’s guest.

He doesn’t consider himself a developer, but carries a wide range of ideas that come to life with software building tools like Bubble.io. For example, when COVID hit, he saw an opportunity to build a portal to help parents discover activities for their children locked down at home.

He built it — and visitors like his brother — loved it.

But, like all great entrepreneurs, he pivoted, taking the lessons of app creation with him. He’s now blazing a path for content creators in the newsletter space to help monetize their work.

Building Hecto.io is a fascinating story coupled with a solid business opportunity. I’m excited to share Simon‘s story with you today, please reach out to him and say thanks for joining the show.

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