Open-source economist podcast by Christie Chirinos

Over the last few years, I think one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is that our community can go beyond WordPress. From the tools and the code, to the neighboring software’s we use to get the job done.

Whatever that “job” is for you.

It could be publishing a simple blog or helping a university with a multi-site solution for an intranet — WordPress is powerful, but the solution can be expansive. Our stack is moving well beyond plugins, and that’s a good thing.

One person leading the charge to expand our knowledge in this space is Christie Chirinos, former product manager at LiquidWeb and now host and creator of the Open Source Economist podcast.

If you’re selling an open source product (or any product for that matter), Christie is someone you want on your team. I’m excited to learn more about the open source space through her new podcast.

Okay, don’t forget to subscribe at, let’s get into the show!


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