Building a business through content & education

While the life of a content creator might look glamorous on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok — it might be one of the most challenging businesses you can start.

See, unlike a services business or a development shop, content takes time and an energy that you must dig deep to find.

A practice that can exhaust you physically and emotionally. I mean this stuff, can really rock you to the core. It’s not for the faint of heart.

You need an audience to connect with, you need to entertain or educate, and you have to do this for YEARS until you start to convert.

Don’t be fooled by the — “air quotes” — overnight success your favorite YouTuber or podcaster has found. It’s taken them years, even decades to get amass their following.

While the road ahead is challenging, it’s massively rewarding if you dedicated yourself to improving, learning, and remaining…resilient.

Today’s guest is Joe Casabona, and he’s done just that. An accomplished podcaster and content creator building a business out of education and digital services.

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