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The $715 side hustle to my side hustle

Making an extra seven-hundred bucks isn’t keeping the lights on, but I’ll take it. Quenching the thirst of shiny-object syndrome is an on-going race of time versus effort, for me. I love the creation process, shaping new ideas into little executable nuggets that when consumed, create little ah-ha! moments for a new audience. Over the…

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Jake Goldman on (larger) agency life and products

It’s that time again where I catch up with my good friend, Jake Goldman. Jake runs a distributed agency called 10up, well known for their contributions to WordPress core and portfolio projects leveraging our favorite content management system. It’s been two years since the last time Jake was on the show, plotting out the roadmap for his then recently launched products.

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Mason James on WordPress business and SaaS

It’s been nearly three years since I last interviewed Mason here on the show, which is far too long for someone that delivers great insights into our industry. Mason runs a company called Valet and recently rolled out a new SaaS offering called Valet Metrix, which literally makes the web a better place. Full disclosure, they…

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S4 E10: WordPress and legal stuff with Richard Best

Getting a lesson on open source “laws” from Richard Best of WP and Legal Stuff is the perfect way to end Season 4 of The Matt Report podcast. I’ve admired Richard’s work from afar for quite a while. His e-book, A Practical Guide to WordPress & the GPL, is a must-have for anyone launching a product…

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S4 E8: The small business of WordPress plugin add-ons

Everyone loves a good “how to make seven figures in software sales” story, but not every business owner desires to claim that headline. If there’s one trend throughout season 4, it’s that we don’t need world domination as a driving force to grow our business. Throughout my conversations with guests on the show, and business…

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S4 E7: Shawn Hesketh of WP101

Shawn Hesketh is the creator of WP101, an online library and learning resource, for WordPress. When you don’t want to spend the time training your clients, or answering the pesky support e-mails, you use a service like WP101. Shawn and his team tirelessly script, record, edit, produce, and publish top-notch training materials for the newcomer…

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