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S4 E7: Shawn Hesketh of WP101

Shawn Hesketh is the creator of WP101, an online library and learning resource, for WordPress.

When you don’t want to spend the time training your clients, or answering the pesky support e-mails, you use a service like WP101. Shawn and his team tirelessly script, record, edit, produce, and publish top-notch training materials for the newcomer to the WordPress world.

Sounds like easy money to me.

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Tug of war; Future WordPress experience, web hosts, and us

The biggest sticking point for a new user of WordPress is it’s very own personal brand. What is it? Who does it serve? What’s the deal with WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?

In my interview with Matt Mullenweg, we discussed the troubles of onboarding users to the world’s most popular content management system. From a WordPress.com perspective, users want to dive directly into designing their site, not publishing their first post, which at the time, was the default signup workflow. Today, we see a direct funnel into choosing your topic genre, a general content layout, then a unique theme based on those choices.

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S4 E5: Beka Rice from SkyVerge

The word of the day is: Evolve.

Beka Rice, WooCommerce Team Lead at SkyVerge, joins the Matt Report to discuss the makings of a modern day WordPress agency. SkyVerge is a WooCommerce service agency, the largest developer of 3rd party add-ons in the WooCommerce marketplace, the company behind SellWithWP.com, and they’ve expanded into the SaaS market by forging a new branded app, Jilt.

They evolve — a lot.

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Does Jetpack slow down a WordPress website?

Update: I added more tests below, based on the comments received. This time based on shared hosting by Siteground.

Can we scare off the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room already? Are we still buying into the myth?

Look, I get it, Jetpack has a love/hate relationship with most because of the past. It’s time to let the past go. I’m not saying you have to use Jetpack on every site to manage your updates, or to collect traffic stats, but can we drop the, “it slows your site down” rhetoric?

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6 Actionable steps to launching a product w/ Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

I love a good actionable story about how to grow your business, especially in the competitive SaaS space.

If you’ve been into digital products over the last few years, you may have heard of Nathan Barry, and his success in the e-book space. Surely not his only accolade over the years, but one where I first discovered his work. What attracted me was his attention to design and the details around it. Meaning, every piece of his product, brand, and funnel is expertly crafted. All the while, other internet marketers were lifting the same copy and landing page templates from each other.

It was that same effort which brought him to designing a rapidly growing e-mail automation platform called, ConvertKit. Book ending this show along side my last episode with Rob Walling of Drip, really helps us understand what it’s like to not only grow a SaaS business, but to grow a SaaS business in the e-mail marketing world.

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7 Apps for the mobile blogger

There was a time when you set off to the cabin, typewriter in tow, nothing but conquering writer’s block on your mind.

Or at least, that’s how I envisioned the “good ‘ol days” of writing.

Today there are no typewriters, nor the time to venture off to the writer’s oasis in the mountains, in hopes to put a dent in that novel. No, if you’re a young parent like I am, you’d be lucky to score a solid twenty minutes worth of keyboard crushing.

Us millennials are eager to tease gen x’ers for their lack of content marketing efforts, and the fact that they still handwrite checks to pay for things. I sympathize, however. If we don’t have time to kill in our comfy gourmet coffee shops, how would a busy business owner carve out the time to sit down at the desk, and dust off that laptop week after week?

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