Mason James on WordPress business and SaaS

It’s been nearly three years since I last interviewed Mason here on the show, which is far too long for someone that delivers great insights into our industry.

Mason runs a company called Valet and recently rolled out a new SaaS offering called Valet Metrix, which literally makes the web a better place. Full disclosure, they were also a sponsor of Season 4 of the Matt Report.

Warning: There are some audio issues for the first half of the show, which I’m guessing were related to our live simulcast to Google Live & Facebook Live, which the recording derives from.  Normally I would re-record, but due to a time crunk and Mason’s amazing answers, I didn’t want to lose this episode.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and we’ll see you in Season 5!

Interview with Mason James


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One response to “Mason James on WordPress business and SaaS”

  1. Thanks for sharing Matt! I’ve listened to your episode and couldn’t agree more with Mason’s view on building a SaaS company. It is amazing how companies can increase the quality of their services and products using a SaaS model, despite of its challenges and drawbacks, it’s important to know what is required to begin to evolve into a SaaS business and what key points to take into account.

    Of course, transitioning to a WordPress SaaS model is a bit like an iceberg; much of the core (and danger) lies beneath the surface. But, the inception of the REST API and the integration within the WordPress core itself is something which really empowers users and business owners to create a more powerful and robust product and kind of compete with the top players in the market.

    We were lucky to have another expert on the field, Mario Peshev, CEO of Devrix and an expert in this topic, who shared with us his knowledge and experience about SaaS, and we’ve written an article highlighting the challenges, and providing tips and advice to build a successful WordPress based SaaS business.

    Hope you like it!

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