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Ryan Sullivan on joining Southern Web

With the kick-off episode of Season 8, Matt Mederios interviews Ryan Sullivan about entrepreneurial fears and changes that occur in a business. Ryan recently sold WP Site Care, a maintenance business to Southern Web and wrote an article about this change. Matt is now working for Pagely. They each have an honest discussion of what happens to all business owners and what changes they see occurring around WordPress.

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WordPress is Changing — Season 8

How time flies.

It’s been nearly 7 months since I’ve published a new episode of the Matt Report and while it’s been kinda nice not to have all of the podcasting duties on my plate, it’s time to get back to work on Season 8.

During this time, I’ve had a chance to reflect on WordPress the software, WordPress the community, and to watch the overall hype “using WordPress” around our space quiet down a bit.

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Michelle Schulp on running an independent business

In this episode, Matt Medeiros wraps up the season interviewing Michelle Schulp from Marktime Media In Minneapolis. Michelle is an independent designer and front-end developer who works with many agencies and other freelancers. Michelle’s background is in design and she is well known as a WordCamp Speaker. She loves teaching design and sharing her knowledge with the WordPress Community. Michelle also is the Director of Technology at AIGA Minnesota.

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How to readjust when you’re sick of the same old thing

In this episode, Matt Medeiros is winding down Season 7 by interviewing Kim Doyal, who is “formally” known as the WordPress Chick.  Kim has been obsessed with content since closing out all the service work in her previous business. She is presenting the Content Creator Summit the first full week of March and has a closed Content Creators Facebook group that people have been quickly joining. She and Matt discuss the move to SaaS and how that was a “happy accident” that allows her personality to show in her new business endeavor.

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You’re building your WordPress business all wrong. Here’s why.

In this episode, Matt Medeiros interviews Christie Chirinos a partner and business manager at Caldera Forms. Caldera Forms is known for the drag and drop form builder for WordPress. Christie works on marketing products and consulting jobs to grow the business. She and Matt discuss changes that are happening in the WordPress environment and how to remain flexible and stay ready for those. This episode may go down at the number one episode for 2018!

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