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Episode 2: WordPress startup challenge

What do you get when you combine 3 awesome WordPress startups with 3 awesome WordPress proven entrepreneurs?

The Matt Report WordPress Startup Challenge of course!

This is one of my favorite events that I do and I hope you enjoy it just the same. This episode is FULL of awesome WordPress goodness. Tune in to see 3 great startups trying to make it in this crazy world and the advice our judges panel has to offer.

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WordPress blogs to follow in 2014

Now that those darn daily blogging resoluters are cooling off…who remains and who are you going to follow?

Sure there’s Tom and Chris or perhaps even Curtis. We know that Brad and Pippin do their thing too. Oh and John. We can’t forget about John.

But who else are you following throughout 2014 in the WordPress-o-sphere? What other WordPress people are inspiring you to do awesome things?

Here’s a few I’m excited for: 

Carrie Dils – Sweet Jesus! There’s some great content coming out of her publishing platform that you need to tap into. If you’re a Genesis developer or a Southern charmer, add this to your Feedly.

Jake Goldman – Jake? Where have you been buddy? We haven’t seen you since September 8th 2013. I’m still adding you to my radar.

Daniel Espinoza – Not the jewelry guy (an ‘S’), the WordPress guy (a ‘Z’)! He’s got an amazing journey going on that I think you all need to follow and comment on.

Bob Dunn – As if I even need to remind you! It’s not a WordCamp after party without the Dunn.

Mario Peshev – WordPress + Life + an intelligent dude = awesomeness. Again. Feedly. Now.

That’s my list, what about you?

Which blogs should we follow? Let us know in the comments!


WordPress business toolkit part 1

Running a WordPress business?

Of course you are! If you’re not, you can use these services for any form of online business.

In part 1, we’ll briefly cover WordPress hosting, a few plugins, and a couple or my choice productivity tools. There’s some cross compatibility from the blogging tips post, but I’ve wrapped some new context around the areas that apply. This post was inspired by Carrie Dils and her review of SaaS software for her own WordPress business.

I hope this helps you make some new decisions and enables you to run a better WordPress business.

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A/B Testing Gravity Forms & Mailchimp

The Matt Report will be getting a minor facelift soon to accommodate the Pro membership portion.

Instead of landing on the homepage and seeing the blog roll, the visitor will be presented with a unique landing page with a few new options. I’ll be using the Gravity Forms plugin and the Mailchimp addon to connect visitors to my newsletter.

I use GF as my contact form because I can connect it to Trello and other services. Now I can use it’s built in conversion tracking to help with some basic split testing. Here’s how!

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My WordPress community

There’s a bevy of reasons why you should join the WordPress community.

  • Become a better developer
  • Find design inspiration
  • Grow your business
  • Help out in the support forum

Then there’s the reason of being a down to Earth human being. Making connections not just for the tangible benefit, but to slow down and appreciate the greater being that makes this all so darn great.

I’ve said this about our Olympians before, it’s the people that truly drive this open source effort.

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WordSesh the WordPress Olympics

For the first time in my life, I might have the podcasting jitters.

WordSesh is in full swing and I’m about to take the mic.

For those of you that don’t know, the 24 hour marathon of WordPress “stuff” kicked off Friday evening (EST time.) This Olympian event hosts a cast of WordPress professionals, developers, designers, founders, characters and a perfect mix of personalities — including yours truly.

Every hour for 24 hours, you’re consuming gobs of information like running a WordPress plugin business to designing better websites. All for free.

Let me repeat that — a free global 24 hour LIVE event — welcome to the WordPress Olympic stage ladies and gentlemen.

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