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A/B Testing Gravity Forms & Mailchimp

The Matt Report will be getting a minor facelift soon to accommodate the Pro membership portion. Instead of landing on the homepage and seeing the blog roll, the visitor will be presented with a unique landing page with a few new options. I’ll be using the Gravity Forms plugin and the Mailchimp addon to connect…

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Google Analytics Slams SEO. Hides Organic Keywords.

Uh, what the hell? So in an effort to make search more secure, Google is really dropping a bomb on SEO. As internet entrepreneurs we really live and die by our Google Analytics reports. We want to track the keywords people use to find us and the referring websites that sent them here. We all…

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3 Ideas For Planning Better Call To Action

I’m working on a new project that has a ton of potential call-to-action areas. We want to get visitors to contact for a free consultation, sign up for their newsletters to stay informed, register for live events to meet and greet and lastly connect via social media to stay in touch. Normally, I have to…

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What The Hell Is Wrong With You People?

I was thinking of skipping this article until after the new year. You know, holiday niceties and all. I can’t. What the hell is wrong with you people advertising in traditional media? I’m looking at the most popular local magazine that covers my region. I’m flipping through the magazine, noticing the ad ridden pages. More than usual.…

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This is NONE of your business

Looking for a consultant to help you with your business opportunities and New Media marketing efforts? Do you want it for FREE? I’m offering up free bi-weekly sessions where I work closely with small business owners, non-profit directors, or employees holding new media responsibility. Go behind closed doors for 2 weeks to brainstorm, ask questions, get tips…

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Blogging 101: Pulling The Plug. The Effects of NOT Blogging

Last week I pulled the plug on my site to prove a point. Ok, I didn’t REALLY pull the plug. I’m reading Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. In the book they refer to a set of doctors who were trying to prove their credibility. The doctors were trying to prove that ulcers…

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