My WordPress community

There’s a bevy of reasons why you should join the WordPress community.

  • Become a better developer
  • Find design inspiration
  • Grow your business
  • Help out in the support forum

Then there’s the reason of being a down to Earth human being. Making connections not just for the tangible benefit, but to slow down and appreciate the greater being that makes this all so darn great.

I’ve said this about our Olympians before, it’s the people that truly drive this open source effort.

I don’t pop molly I rock Chris Ford

Wonderful segue, eh? I want you to remember this part.

I spoke at WordCamp Chicago this year and had the chance to grab dinner with Chris Lema and a host of others including Chris Ford.

I had never met Chris, founder of Creativity Included, until that event. More so, we hadn’t even really engaged in lengthy conversation that night. The important part is we both belong to this amazing community – heck, movement – which drives us to do great things.

Yesterday , I received a gift from Chris that includes a custom designed bottle opener and a note thanking me for the content I create for the community.

Truly humbling and thoughtful from my (our) peer in the WordPress community.

Chris – thank you!

What my WordPress community looks like

I’ve noticed other random acts of kindness in the recent weeks:

Carrie Dils ran a successful twitter campaign to raise money for the Andrew Norcross coffee relief fund.

Folks are donating to help Justin Tadlock buy a house for Christmas.

If you’re up to being a Mentor, I’ve got some great things going on in the comments here.

Whatever it might be, however you might achieve it and whomever it helps, I encourage you to give back to the people of WordPress.

For the business minded folk

This random act of kindness can go miles for your relationship. It’s as easy as buying them a book on Amazon or purchasing a year of Spotify streaming service.

Whatever makes a lasting impression it will beat out any kind of SEO or content marketing you create.

What does your WordPress community look like? Tell us in the comments.


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