3 Ideas For Planning Better Call To Action

I’m working on a new project that has a ton of potential call-to-action areas.

We want to get visitors to contact for a free consultation, sign up for their newsletters to stay informed, register for live events to meet and greet and lastly connect via social media to stay in touch.

Normally, I have to really pull some teeth to get one CTA in place – now I have too many.

So what do you do when you have two, three, or four? Let’s take a look at some of the ways I’m handling the organization of all this.

3 Ideas For Planning Better Call To Action

I’m in the middle of a project and I’m taking the time to write out what I’m doing. (this should probably be the 4th idea onto itself)

These aren’t earth shattering discoveries, but something I have found extremely useful in my latest project. I hope they help you in your next big project.

1. Get Visual

I use little sticky notes on grid paper to make my CTA’s visual. Believe it or not, it helps my brain associate these “goals” from simply writing text on the same sheet of paper. If you’re like me, you might start scribbling beyond your paper’s boundaries – enter in the moveable sticky note – keeping your goals organized.

“The pen (and paper) is mightier than the iOS!”

If you’re not already a fan of Moleskine notebooks, I suggest you become one. I have all the toys – MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad. I’m a power Evernote user and yet my go to tool is my Moleskine notebook.

2. Connect The Dots

If you have many CTA’s try and connect them together if possible. Example:

Free Consultation!

User clicks > fills out contact info > submits > is dropped to a functional interior page asking to convert more:

  • Newsletter signup
  • Live events registration
  • Connect via Social Media

Visually map out these connections. This will help you stay on course and not interject the old “Well maybe we can have them do this too…”

3. Make Sure It All Makes Sense


But I’m serious.

Don’t map out, grid, draw, sketch and meet if you don’t need to. If you’re goal is to have people register – write that down on a single index card.

Bam. There’s your planning.

You can spin your wheels getting too creative or too caught up in the workflow of the path you want your visitors to take. Remember, it’s call-to-action, you want them to succeed at it – not get lost along the way.

Better Call To Action

Hopefully these 3 simple tips help you with your next call-to-action planning. If you’re building your own site or for a client, it’s good to get this stuff on paper and tangible.

Do you have some tips on organizing your website or blog’s goals? Let us know below!


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  1. peter Mis Avatar
    peter Mis


    Thanks for the post. I agree that sometimes being too creative overcomplicates things, and given the thousands of messages we process each day overcomplicated is usually dismissed. Be it web design or really any human communication or interaction, a clearly defined message delivered with equal clarity will usually generate the results we are looking for.

    Your tips are great not only for the creation of new sites but can also serve as a filter to review existing sites to ensure the site’s design maximizes the desired results.

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