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Episode 30: The Genesis of Copyblogger

Do you know how hard it is to craft a headline about a guy who spends his time writing headlines?

Introducing Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger Media, is down right nerve wracking. I don’t even want to type anymore, that’s how badly I think I’m going to get criticized.

I digress.

Here are a few headlines that danced around my head:

Episode 30: Watch Brian Clark ride a Unicorn and throw a kitten” o“Episode 30:  Jeff Bridges as Copyblogger founder Brian Clark” and lastly “Episode 30: Guy blogs, builds million dollar WordPress company”

Enough! Let’s get to the show!

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Episode 28: Is WordPress recession proof?

A lot of the entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed started in the last economic downturn of 2008.

So that got me thinking, is WordPress recession proof?

WordPress services can be sliced and diced in many ways. It’s not creating “work” that’s the hard part, it’s finding the right vertical.

Rebecca Gill of Web Savvy Marketing joins us to share what it was like starting out in the recession, finding a niche and building an awesome virtual team.

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Episode 22: Improving your WordPress craft

We hear it in blogging all the time. Find a niche and you will find your market.

Meet Thomas Griffin author of Soliloquy a powerful responsive WordPress slider. In this interview we discuss what it’s like to start off small and continue to refine to find the success you’re looking for.

Don’t miss this episode!

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Why a SaaS model might be better than selling a plugin

What happens when your plugin business outgrows itself?

What about if the WordPress plugin model turns your business into a commodity?

Learn how Travis Ketchum the founder of Contest Domination built his product as a plugin and then transitioned to a traditional SaaS model.

If you’re looking to scale your WordPress business or grow revenue outside of the standard theme & plugin business — this interview is for you!

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Building a WordPress business? Think twice about your next WordCamp.

Let’s cut to the chase.

WordCamp’s are great, but it’s a breeding ground for our competition. I know, I know — we’re all friends here. Just hear out my next guest.

John is a master marketer and business builder. He uses WordPress to write his blog which ultimately lead to publishing his book, Brand Against the Machine.

He joins us to talk about improving our business and ultimately our bottom line. If you’re someone who dosen’t want to come out of the basement from coding, don’t bother pressing on to this interview. If you’re ready to kick ass and take names later, potentially saying goodbye to your coding buddy at the next WC — hit play now!

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